If you have ever tried to watch a movie or listen to music on a plane, then you know the problem well: The roar of the engines makes it difficult to hear what’s being piped through the speakers — even when those speakers are situated in or on your ear.

NOvA announces its first cross section measurement, the probability than an electron neutrino interacts with the protons and neutrons inside the NOvA near detector. The measurement draws on the largest data set in the electron neutrino energy region from 1 GeV to 3 GeV.

The DZero experiment will present a special Wine and Cheese seminar, “Observation of a new resonance state in the Bs pi system” this Thursday, Feb. 25, at 4 p.m. in One West. The seminar will be video streamed at and the slides will be posted at Mark your calendar to attend!

Future detectors, such as Fermilab’s own DUNE, will be designed with proton decay searches in mind. Chris Marshall will present MINERvA’s precision measurement on charged-current kaon production — a significant background to the presumed method by which protons decay — at Friday’s Wine and Cheese seminar.